Important Announcements

Jummah Prayers

Update: Upstairs and downstairs hall are designated ONLY FOR BROTHERS. We will Keep you posted about further construction progress. For brothers who are attending, please enter from the main doors (upstairs lobby) and proceed downstairs. We also ask all sisters and kids to please refrain from coming to the masjid until further notice.

Maktab Class and Youth Program Relocation

Because of construction Maktab classes and Youth Program are held at Islamic Bosniak Center Shoreline (20001 25th Avenue NE, Shoreline, WA 98155)


Update: Please try to carpool for Jumma prayers that will help us with current parking situation.
Please be mindful that the parking lot is only to be used by the construction workers so if you do come to Umar Farooq Masjid, you must find street parking Insha'Allah.

Masjid Expenses Report 2015

Evening Maktab



Day by day it becomes more obvious that the one and only way that will bring the entire mankind to solace, comfort and prosperity begins with the foundations we lay down for the young people in our communities.  An important and key element in this awakening process is the establishment of institutions of higher Islamic learning.  The Maktab program will provide our youth with the true and practical essence of Islam.

Journey Through THE QURAN

In the Courtyard of the Messenger (saw)

Boy's Youth Halaqa w/Maulana Abdul-Ahad


Where: Masjid Umar Farooq
When: Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00pm
Who: Boys ages 13 & up 

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